Increase your monthly income up to 70%, find new patients and help us democratize access to health care in the world.

Dandelin offers a free platform that connects physicians to patients paying a minimum of R$ 100,00 per consultation with the return being fully paid on the same amount. We also allow medical professionals to increase their consultation value by up to 50% per year without limit. In addition to making it possible to increase your monthly income, our platform makes it much easier to get new patients.


Our goal is to bring back the respect and dignity that doctors deserve.

Doctors who live exclusively from private practice are rare. More than 97% provide services to health plans and receive from 8 to 32 Reais per consultation, an average of only 20 Reais. From those, 50% to 60% will generate returns for which doctors normally do not receive anything. Dandelin wants to make sure that you receive what you should, so you can give your patients the care they deserve.


Low payments from health insurance companies keep doctors working like CRAZY just to keep her practice running. Dandelin pays 10x more than the average that insurance companies pay. With that is possible to increase your monthly income up to 70%. Besides that, youll be able to increase your base price of R$100,00 per consultation up to 50% every year, no limits!


Fill up your registration, offer appointments and get immediate access to a growing community of patients looking for doctors like you. And the best part? Our platform is completely free for doctors.


Managing your practice will always be just one click away from you! Through our Dashboard youll be able to schedule consultations, access patients records, manage your finances and much more!


By inviting colleagues and patients to join our platform through your dedicated link, youll get a R$50,00 bonus per recommendation that registers and activates their account.

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