We believe health care should be a basic right, not a luxury that only a few can afford.

Dandelin was created to democratize healthcare, allowing everyone to have unlimited access to great health services at the lowest price on the market, while doctors get paid a fair fee. We also offer full flexibility to suit your needs. Start, Pause and delete your account at any time, no commitments.


For the first time, you can take care of others while taking care of yourself.

We´re using sharing economy principles to build a P2P alternative to health insurance.
By splitting the real costs of health throughout our community we can drop the prices and increase the quality of the services while paying the doctors a fair fee.


Become a part of our community and get covered in just a few clicks.


By dividing the real costs of health among our community we cut the costs to a minimum.


We’ll use part of the surplus to bring health to those who have no access to it


You’ll pay what you should, no hidden costs, no readjustments above the inflation, no surprises

Easy Management

our intuitive dashboard gives you full access to your agenda and consultation history and also be able adjust your level of cover, view your monthly payments and edit your personal profile. The average monthly rate expected to have access to unlimited consultations is $ 30,00/month (or lower) and never higher than $ 100,00.

Personalised Search

a. Search our database of healthcare professionals, filtering by availability, region, specialty, symptoms or doctors name.
Doctors are listed in closest proximity to your location, so you can find one that best suits your agenda. Simple find the one that suits and schedule and appointment.

Quick Booking

Schedule your next appointment in as little as 2 taps. No queues or confirmations, you see the dates and time available, doctor ratings and location, just book!

Grow the community

a. By dividing the real costs of health among our community we cut the costs to a minimum. The bigger the community, the cheaper it is. By inviting your friends to join and grow the community you make the cost of healthcare cheaper for everyone and receive 20% off!

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